Challenger & Camerons agree social interactive TV partnership

Camerons Brewery and Challenger Technologies, the developer of in-venue social interactive TV, have agreed a partnership to place the market-leading ivuTV platform in the company’s pub estate.

Camerons has become the first chain to put the technology into its pubs, and is confident that it will enhance the customer experience, thanks to its interactivity with live sports coverage.

The ivuTV platform offers pubs a range of interactive opportunities to engage with customers through such functions as advertising and gaming, allowing publicans to monetise their broadcasting of sporting events and recoup some of their fees for paid TV packages, such as Sky Sports licences.

Sharing the screen with coverage of sporting and other events, ivuTV is social media enabled and offers landlords and tenants excellent contact relationship management (CRM) capture, creating greater opportunities to engage directly with their target audience.

Engagement, which is enabled through the viewers’ mobile phones, takes place before, during and after sporting events, giving the additional benefit of encouraging users to remain in the pub for longer.

Non-sporting versions of ivuTV are also in development, for use in other venues where sports are not a key draw for the target clientele.

Chris Soley, Director and General Manager of Camerons Brewery, said: “ivuTV brings a whole new dimension to watching TV in the pub. The opportunities for greater engagement with our audience and for pubs to monetise their TV screens are very important to pubs in the modern day. The cost of TV packages is one of the largest outlays most pubs have, and this platform offers a range of options for recouping some of that cost and adding further returns on showing live sport.”

Kevin McDaid, Managing Director of Challenger Technologies, said: “ivuTV is a brand new platform and we are very excited that Camerons have come on board to work with us to place it in its pub estate. The potential for this interactive social TV platform is limitless, with interactive and regular advertising, gaming, betting, and much more.”

Picture (Left-Right) Chris Soley, Director & General Manager of Camerons Brewery and Kevin McDaid, Managing Director of Challenger Technologies.