Contract Brewing

Industry Expertise

Camerons Brewery Limited is a large scale, but flexible ale and lager
production facility based in Hartlepool in the North East of England. We have the capacity to brew over 1 million hectolitres of beer per annum with further development planned to increase this capacity. The Lion Brewery is currently the 11th largest brewery in the UK.

We have an adaptable approach which enables us to tailor solutions to meet your individual contract brewing and packaging needs.

We have a proven track record of producing key global brands for a number of major industry players in support of their specific requirements including:

  • Contingency brewing support during peak
    supply periods or through those unforeseen
  • Temporary support during operational shut downs / plant
  • New product development.
  • Supporting long term production footprint restructures to allow
    brewery closures and release capital for alternative investment.
  • Outsourcing partner to meet increasing volume demands.
  • Reduced distribution costs through regional brewing strategy.
  • Reduce / eliminate the need for intensive capital investment
    through contract brewing.

Technical Expertise

  • We have extensive experience and proven track record of contract lager and ale brewing and packaging.
  • We are passionate about great beer quality and are fully accredited to ISO9001 and BRC.
  • We have a comprehensive suite of modern analytical equipment and a highly trained team of laboratory technicians employed to ensure the consistency and quality of the products.
  • We are fully committed to achieving World Class Manufacturing standards
  • Our staff are highly trained in modern manufacturing techniques and we apply a “Lean Manufacturing” approach to operations helping us drive down waste and cost and thus providing a very cost effective solution.
  • Our range of services include the following:
  • Contract Brew and Bulk Tanker of Lager and Ale ready for small pack.
  • Contract Brew and Package for the on-trade in keg and cask.
  • Contract Pack imported beer into keg or cask.
  • High Gravity Brewing.
  • New Product Development within the Micro Brewery.
  • Small scale Bottling (2,500 Bottles per hour line).
  • Flexible Brew lengths with minimum runs of 200 HL in the main brewery and 15 -HL in the micro brewery.

Our Facility

The Camerons Brewery facility has recently undergone a major expansion programme increasing the
capacity at the site along with modernizing the equipment and machinery.
The site currently offers:

  • 16 Acre Site
  • Strainmaster
  • 500Hl brewing (2 x 250Hl Coppers)
  • 8 x 2000Hl DPVs
  • 8 x 1500Hl DPVs
  • 25 x 1000Hl DPVs
  • 12 x 250 open square fermenters
  • 6 x 500Hl maturation vessels
  • Two bright beer filters
  • Keg plant at 400 x 11g kegs/hr
  • Cask plant at 100 x 11g casks/hr
  • Extensive warehousing
  • Large laboratory facility
  • Full suite of analyses including Gas Chromatography
  • ISO/BRC accreditation
  • Integrated LIMS system

Micro Brewery and Small
Scale Bottling Facility

  • Cold Sterile Filter Bottling Line.
  • 2,500 x 500 ml btl/hr stainless steel beer filler,
    labeller and shrink wrap machine.
  • Borgo Rototichet 3C self adhesive 3-part/
    wraparound labeller and videojet printer feeding.
  • Cime 12/12/3 Tribloc pre-rinser/filler/capper rated
    at 2500 x 500ml btls/hr (with change parts for
  • Complete with conveyors and semi-automatic shrink
    wrap machine.

For further information or to speak with us about brewing opportunities please contact:

Contract Brewing Brochure

Download our contract brewing brochure as a pdf